Welcome To Our Family at Louisville Christian Church!

Loving People and Leading Them To A Relationship With Jesus!

                            Minister and wife, Bob & Etta Kastens                    

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Sho Gray

Youth Minister


Worship Leader

Hello friends! ​ From our church  family to yours we thank you for visiting our website. You can't really tell much about us from a computer but I guarantee you that if you will be our guests this next Sunday you will be hooked forever!  This is a loving congregation.  We welcome anybody regardless of their race, social status, or appearance.  Come as you are - you will find a broad spectrum of attire  at every service.   Be our guest this Sunday and see what we are about.  ​


Rex Criswell (rexcriswell@discoverlcc.com)

Hank Swicegood (hankswicegood@discoverlcc.com)


Bill Cornman (billcornman@discoverlcc.com)

Dennis Freeman (dennisfreeman@discoverlcc.com)

Jack Wilkerson (jackwilkerson@discoverlcc.com)


Bob Kastens, Minister (preacherbob@discoverlcc.com)

Sho Gray, Youth Minister/ Worship Leader (shogray@discoverlcc.com)