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Welcome To Our Family at Louisville Christian Church!


  • Honda Cooke – Home with hospice care – congestive heart failure & lung cancer. Calls & visits appreciated.
    Hank Swicegood – Waiting for results CT of lungs for problem found in NY.
    Bob & Etta Kastens – Bob-healing for skin graft done on ear on 10/19, BIL Raymond Hunter – infection & chronic lung problems. Etta 's relative – Roger Tipton- cancer, at Morningview. Jeanine Miller – having radiation for breast cancer.
    Barbara Smith – Jaundiced & in BMH. Also has Parkinson's. Daughter, Shelley, in chemo for stomach cancer.
    Home-bound member: Shirley Mason & Daughter, Belinda (Med problems).
    Darlene Curtis – nephew Ben Maston – fainting spells – testing in progress for reason. His daughter, Riley – leg problem – has been in braces and casts.
    Katie Harness- Daughter,Mandy-has bronchitis referred to lung dr. to access possible damage from prior pneumonia. Friend, Debbie's sister, Agnes- Immunotherapy for Stage 4 lung cancer now in hip bone & five ribs. 2nd sister, Myra- liver cancer possibly in lymph nodes. Kay Waters- at UT with congestive heart failure
    Renee Swicegood – nephew, Pat Hughes, ALS & brain tumor. Getting worse.
    Shirley Swain – Sister, Louise, on-going stomach issues.
    Marie Fritz – Nathaniel Hester – nasal cancer. Fighting multiple infections. Mt. Hope Lutheran to find minister.
    Charlie Kirkland , member at Meadowbrook- Cancer – having radiation treatments.
    Leisa Criswell – Friend, Lynn Clifton- Cancer found in various places. Having chemo & radiation. DIL's grandmother, Pat Mycoft, age 88, bad fall - damaged eye socket.
    Puerto Rico – Recovery from hurricane. 73% still have no power or clean water
    Our country to be healed, for leaders, police & military (both at home & abroad).
    Our church, church unity, church leadership, ministers & ministry team leaders.
    For God to reveal His vision for our church & show us the way to achieve His vision.
    Bob Kastens – Excellent report on recent biopsy